Barn Style Sheds: Models & More

If you love the rustic country look of a barn but have a riding mower rather than a herd of horses, we have a solution for you. Our barn style sheds project the look of a classic barn while providing the perfect storage that the majority of homeowners can actually use. Beyond the style, these sheds also pack a handful of great benefits at a very competitive price.

At Glick Woodworks, we’re an Amish shed builder that crafts standout sheds that look fantastic and last for decades in the elements. We build a range of different sheds from elegant Victorian sheds to multiple barn style sheds. Explore a few of our options for these rustic structures and see the key advantages!

The 3 Most Popular Sheds that Look Like Barns

Whether you have a new piece of lawn equipment that won’t fit in the garage, or you have boxes of stuff that needs a permanent home, a new shed is the answer. All three of these sheds that look like barns provide dependable weathertight storage in an eye-catching country package. See some of the most in-demand styles and dimensions right here:

Mini Barn Sheds

sheds that look like barns

A fantastic example of a barn style shed, this option provides unbeatable storage at a budget-friendly price point. The rounded gambrel roof immediately conjures the idea of any classic horse barn while still being at-home in any suburban backyard. You’ll also appreciate the faux-barn stable door styling on the main doors. Plus, the mini barn shed is also longer than it is wide, making it ideal for storing one or more large pieces of equipment, like riding mowers or ATVs. One of the reasons this barn style shed provides so much space for the money is that the rustic style does without the extra main doors and windows that make certain sheds pricier.

Shop Mini Barns Dutch Barn

dutch barn style shed

Here’s a more traditional take on barn style sheds! Our Dutch barns have a layout like one of our standard shed styles, but the signature gambrel roof still provides the barn aesthetic that is a must-have for some homeowners. This shed is great for storing garden equipment, boxes of belongings, outdoor games, and a push mower. Complete with two windows and a centered door, choosing a classic barn color scheme like red siding with white trim will even further enhance the country style you love. However, that’s just the beginning of your color options — check out more of the most popular shed colors!

Shop Dutch Barns Highwall Barn

highwall shed that looks like barn

The next step up from our popular mini barn, highwall barns pack even more storage space into the compact backyard barn. Without increasing the footprint, the highwall barn adds extra space through its extra height for shelving and a loft. This extra height, along with the length of the space, ensures that you’ll have ample room for a riding mower or other backyard power equipment — as well as hand tools and boxes of your belongings. When it comes to sheds that look like barns, this model offers a classic look with truly unbeatable space for storage.

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Also Building Garages & Horse Barns

While storage sheds are our signature line of structures at Glick Woodworks, they’re just the beginning of what our Amish craftsmen can build for you. While sheds that look like barns are a smart buy for the majority of homeowners, we also offer multiple styles of modular horse barns. Perfect for small stables and hobby farmers, these durable barns provide a well-built and comfortable home for horses.

In cases where homeowners need more storage than they’ll find in a typical shed, we recommend considering our modular and custom built garages. A garage can be the most effective option when you need a serious amount of storage space, or you have plans to make use of the extra space with a workshop or even a living space. If you’re committed to the distinct country style, we can build your garage with a similar barn style flair as well!

Get Prices on Barn Style Sheds

The structure will be watertight for decades and the style truly will stand out in any neighborhood — but one of the best things about our barn style sheds is how affordable they are. In fact, the rustic and roomy mini barn is one of our most competitively priced sheds! So, not only will you be enamored with the unique aesthetic, but you’ll appreciate the price point, too. If you’re ready to take the next step, we recommend reaching out to our sales team to discuss your style and to get your quote!

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