DIY Shed Kits: Read This Before You Buy

We completely understand why DIY shed kits are appealing — at a great price, they promise the watertight storage that a new shed will provide. On the surface, the proposition sounds great: you just need to put in some hard work, and you’ll save tons of money. Unfortunately, the reality we’ve seen is that the vast majority of shed building kits never get completed, or the quality lets the homeowners down.

At Glick Woodworks, we’re an Amish shed builder that crafts sheds in a wide range of different prices, from budget options to luxury models. In today’s blog, we’re breaking down the disadvantages of DIY shed kits that we’ve seen over decades of work in the field. Dig into this insider look — and reach out to our team to see how affordable one of our Amish sheds can be!

Are Shed Kits Worth It?

Most shed kits include the raw materials to build a shed and basic instructions to follow. The idea is that you save money on the labor by doing all of the work yourself. The idea sounds good on paper, but when homeowners ask us, “Are shed kits worth it?” — the answer is resoundingly no! These are the problems we see that make this a bad investment compared to simply spending slightly more on the shed you really want!

  • Install is Challenging and Time Consuming — Our expert Amish shed builders have years or even decades of experience crafting high-quality backyard storage sheds. That’s how we are able to offer the watertight and attractive structures that homeowners want in their backyard. Expecting an average homeowner to be able to perform all of the careful work (and have professional grade tools) to DIY build their shed simply isn’t realistic. Even if you are a skilled DIYer, you’ll find that the construction process takes several consecutive days of challenging work — and you may not end up with the perfect structure you expect!
  • The Materials are Marked Up — You’re buying a shed kit to save money, but the raw materials themselves are often highly marked up for homeowners. After all, that’s how the shed kit companies make their money. In almost every case, if you were to buy these materials yourself, you would get far more than what the company sells you. This is one of the main reasons that people start to wonder, “Are shed kits really worth it?”

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  • The Savings are Really Minor — Considering all of the time invested and headaches tolerated, you’d expect to save quite a lot of money by going with a DIY shed kit. The truth is that after the material markup, the savings are pretty minor. To most people, it’s not worth the hassle and the risk of something going wrong.
  • Won’t Have the Professional Look — While practicality may be much more important than style for some homeowners, you ultimately do want your shed to look attractive. A DIY-built shed likely won’t have the clean cuts and connections that expert shed builders will do. Expect a DIY shed to look a little rough around the edges. Plus, if you do want an upscale style, putting luxury touches on your shed — such as transom windows, cupolas, vents, and more — will likely be much too challenging.

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  • Many Shed Kits Are Never Completed — This is something you need to know when considering, “Are shed kits worth it?” Many shed kits are never finished. This is often due to the challenge of the work, making a mistake and damaging materials, simply not having the right equipment or enough time, and countless other reasons. This turns the admirable goal of saving money on your much needed shed into the opposite outcome.

Budget Priced Sheds are An Option

are shed kits worth it

Ultimately, you can secure the storage you need at a great price — a shed building kit just isn’t how you do it! Glick Woodworks offers a selection of budget-friendly models that provide you unbeatable storage without having to lift a finger. All of these budget priced structures are built from the same elite materials with the same impeccable quality. By selecting smaller dimensions or having less windows or other accessories, you can save on the price of a shed without compromising on quality!

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Get Prices on Smart DIY Shed Kit Alternatives

We hope we were able to answer your question, “Are shed kits worth it?” from our decades of experience in the shed building business. Any of our budget-friendly sheds can be a smart DIY shed kit alternative that will provide you decades of unbeatable watertight storage.

We recommend reaching out to our team to discuss popular styles and to see just how affordable the storage you need can be. Contact us today to get answers and to get started!

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