Modern Storage Sheds: Colors & Designs

Just like houses are built in every style from traditional to modern (and everyone has their own preference), the same is true for our Amish sheds. Our modern storage sheds provide exceptional watertight storage with a contemporary style that matches well with many new homes. In today’s blog, we’re featuring the styles and color schemes that come together for this modern aesthetic.

At Glick Woodworks, we’re an Amish shed builder in Lancaster, PA that crafts a wide range of custom sheds for homeowners in PA, NJ, and MD! Keep scrolling to see the style options to choose when building your modern storage shed. However, if you’d like to get started right now, reach out to our team to start designing your shed — and to get a price for us to bring it to your backyard!

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Modern Garden Sheds: Common Color Schemes

The siding and trim color are two of the biggest factors that create the overall look of a shed. Since a cool and neutral color palette is a hallmark of contemporary design, it makes a great foundation color for modern garden sheds. These are the most popular siding color choices and trim accents to match:

modern garden sheds

A great color choice for modern storage sheds, tan sheds match one of the most common colors of contemporary houses. Pairing the luxury tan siding with a white trim and black accents creates for a 21st century style that will look fantastic in neighborhoods full of newly built homes.

contemporary shed designs

As clean and simple as a color scheme gets, white vinyl siding completed with black accents is one of our favorites when designing modern garden sheds. The no-frills elegance can match almost any home and backyard décor.

gray modern storage shed

This gray modern garden shed color is a true style showstopper that will definitely get the best kind of attention in your neighborhood. This striking shed siding color looks gorgeous alongside a clean white trim, white doors, and white window frames.

Love shed colors that pop? See some of our favorite custom sheds right here!

Contemporary Shed Designs

We offer a wide range of shed styles, all of which provide unbeatable storage in a distinct aesthetic package. While the Quaker shed and barn style sheds are recognized for their rustic décor, we have two lines that offer a great base for contemporary shed designs.

Out of all of our popular shed types, our classic A-frame sheds and our standard A-frame sheds are the most natural models for a modern look. Right away, you’ll notice that both of our A-frame style sheds feature a steeper pitched roof that matches the profile of contemporary homes. On top of that, these contemporary shed designs each show striking clean lines in the roof, door frames, shutters, and more.

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However, if you love modern garden sheds, you’re not locked into either of these styles — you actually have tons of room to customize! When you work with Glick Woodworks, you have complete control to mix and match any color scheme and shed style. To make the custom design process even more intuitive, we built a shed design center that lets you build a 100% custom shed — and get a price for us to build it!

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A contemporary style shed can be the perfect answer to your storage needs, while also enhancing your outdoor style. If any of these modern storage sheds caught your eye, we’re happy to give you a quote to build one exactly like it. However, if you have an idea for a custom shed, we’d love to build that for you, too! Either way, the first step is reaching out to our team to discuss your budget, your needs, and the designs that inspire you!

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