The Ultimate Guide to Loafing Sheds: Everything You Need to Know

Welcome to the world of horse loafing sheds, where functionality meets run-in shed design, and your horses find a safe haven. This comprehensive guide will take you on an enlightening journey, exploring the ins and outs of loafing sheds, their importance, and how they can revolutionize your horse keeping practices.

Horse loafing sheds, also known as run-in sheds, are an essential addition to any property housing horses. They provide a safe, comfortable space for your horses to escape harsh weather conditions, rest, and feed. For over 20 years, Glick Woodworks has designed and constructed top-quality custom horse sheds for many satisfied customers. 

This guide will dive into the key features and design considerations that make a run-in shed effective and safe for horses.  Keep reading to learn more or contact Glick Woodworks for a free estimate now

What is a Loafing Shed?

what is a loafing shed

Scratching your head over what is a loafing shed? A horse loafing shed is a structure designed to provide horses with a safe, sheltered space that is typically a 3-sided structure with an overhang and roof. Loafing sheds come to the rescue, especially when you don’t have a horse barn nearby where horses can freely come and go, or if your meadows are a bit of a trek from the main barn.

Here are some key features that to consider for your horse loafing shed:

  1. Three-sided structure: This run-in shed design allows horses to enter and exit freely, offering shelter without confinement.
  2. Durable construction: Horse loafing sheds are built to withstand harsh weather conditions and the wear and tear caused by horses.
  3. Adequate size: The size of the shed should be sufficient to accommodate all your horses comfortably. A general rule of thumb is to provide at least 100 square feet per horse. However, there are plenty of mini horse barn options to consider as well, if you are tight on space!
  4. Good ventilation: Proper ventilation is essential to prevent the buildup of ammonia from urine and to ensure a healthy environment for your horses.
  5. Windows: Here’s a fun fact: horses love windows! Being prey animals, they relish being able to keep an eye on their surroundings.
  6. Placement: Strategically position your horse loafing shed by turning the opening away from prevailing winds and rain, ensuring maximum protection for your horses. The location should also be well-drained to prevent water from pooling around the shed.
  7. Maintenance: Regularly maintain your backyard horse barn by staining the building after about half a year in the meadow to preserve its appearance and durability. Regular cleaning is also necessary to maintain a healthy environment for your horses, ensuring they have a cozy and comfortable space throughout the seasons.

Run-in Shed Designs for Maximizing Your Budget

Wooden loafing shed with cupola

Dreaming of a tranquil shelter for your beloved horses without breaking the bank? Look no further! An affordable run-in shed design is well within your reach with a little ingenuity and smart choices. Let’s explore some run-in shed design considerations that will have you saving big while providing your horses with a cozy hideaway:

  1. Simplicity: Opt for a straightforward three-sided structure that does the job splendidly without draining your wallet. A basic yet sturdy run-in shed design not only saves on construction costs but also offers your horses ample space to enter and exit freely.
  2. Cost-Effective Materials: Choose wisely by selecting durable yet budget-friendly materials. Pressure-treated wood emerges as the champion in this realm, offering exceptional resistance to weather elements and the wear and tear caused by your majestic equine friends.
  3. Future-Ready: Plan ahead to accommodate your herd’s future growth effortlessly. Incorporate a layout that allows easy expansion, enabling you to add more stalls or space as your horse family expands. By having a future-ready run-in shed design, you’ll avoid the expenses of building additional structures or making extensive modifications down the road.

Remember, your horses’ comfort is the top priority! Keeping it simple, future-ready, and cost-effective ensures you provide them with a secure sanctuary without stretching your budget. Discover the magic of run-in sheds without the financial fuss – contact Glick Woodworks now!

Discover Horse Loafing Sheds Online!

When shopping online, look for reputable providers like Glick Woodworks, known for our quality craftsmanship and customer-centric approach. We are based in Lancaster, PA and offer a variety of custom outdoor structures, including horse loafing sheds, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Match the style and design of the other structures on your property with our custom run-in sheds. Imagination is the only limit to how your run-in shed could look. These sheds are Glick Woodworks’ specialty, so check out our horse loafing sheds online.  Contact us today, and we’ll get your horses covered. Happy shopping!


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